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Trinity25 – the lighter alternative to gin

We met up with Nick Johnson, the founder of The Spirit of Bermondsey and maker of Trinity25, the lighter alternative to gin, which launched a few months ago.

Nick and his Trinity25

Nick loves gin but was looking for a low alcohol alternative that still tasted like gin. He didn’t like the no-alcohol “gins” and, working in the drinks industry, realised there was a gap in the market for a spirit that falls between the two.

Inspired by the old spice warehouses around Bermondsey, Trinity25 is made using pure English grain spirit which is cold infused with a base of juniper and the trinity of cardamom, black pepper and coriander seeds. It is then reduced in strength to 25%.

When not working to make Trinity25 a success, Nick is a councillor in Bermondsey. He is keen to use his enterprise as a way to benefit the local community, pledging to donate some of the profits to local good causes and, when the business grows, offering an apprenticeship scheme.

So what is Trinity25 like? Well, we have to say we were a little nervous before meeting Nick, as our trials with not-gins haven’t gone well. However, we were pleasantly surprised! Neat, both on the nose and palate, the cardamom is to the fore, with the coriander seeds adding some citrus notes.

When tonic is added the flavours open up and there is a more balanced mix of juniper and cardamom, with the black pepper adding a spicy edge. And it has an alcohol bite! Ok, not the 40% hit of a normal gin, but it’s there, making it feel like a real drink and not the bland botanical experience of a not-gin.

So if you’re looking for a lower alcohol gin alternative then we can highly recommend you try Trinity25. Ok, you won’t get all the brownie points of going totally alcohol free, but we think this is a great compromise.

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