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Pickering’s 1947 Gin

Click to watch Paul of Pickering’s tells us about their Indian recipe gin

It’s Junipalooza 2019 and we are drawn to a red-decked stall with with a generous spread of gins, garnishes, and genuinely warm smiles. Paul of Pickering’s waves us in, pours out measures of their different gins, and happily talks about their old secret recipe that harks back to 1947. It had been kept in the family for so long, a treasured, handwritten recipe that Pickering’s is now sharing with the rest of the world from their distillery in Summerhall. In the video Paul tells us about the different botanicals used and how this gin differs from a modern London Dry. 

So how does this little bit of history taste? We tried the 1947 Gin: It features 9 Bombay botanicals and is awash with the warm and spice of cinammon tantalizing the nose and cardamom gracing the palette. It is truly a work of wonder of Pickering’s Botanical Engineers and one that takes you back to a world of mystery and marvel as you sip and let the flavours wash over you. Sounds just about right at the end of a busy day.

The gin is great on its own but mixing it with ginger ale and a wedge of lime brings it to life. If you haven’t already, check out the full Pickering’s range and their wacky inventions on their fun website.