Adventures in Gin Land

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About us

Adventures in Gin Land is the personal blog and Instagram of Richard and Giselle Harknett.

It’s a place where we can document our adventures exploring all things gin, from small batch micro distillers creating amazing gins from a shed in their back garden, to reviewing a new gin from a global producer. If it’s about gin we’ll write about it on here.

And if we’re not on here we’re probably posting photos on Instagram, or videos on our YouTube channel.

If you would like us to review your product or want to invite us over for a tasting and chat, or even make a video with us, we’d love to hear from you!

All posts are our own views and are written in good faith. We always give our honest opinion but these are, of course, subjective. We do not agree to copy approval but are happy to correct mistakes and inaccuracies. Reviews need to be discussed in advance and we request full-size bottles to review. Gifts and unsolicited deliveries are gratefully received. We will feature any such items on our Instagram page with full transparency, but may not fully review them. All full-size bottles will be added to our drinks cabinet page, with a link either to our review or the product’s website. 

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